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LPS Potter
LPS Lucky
• 9/20/2015

Continuing to Improve the Wiki

If anyone is wondering what happened to some of the pages that  were deleted, I had no choice to delet them as they had absolutely zero content. However, anyone can remake these pages if they want to, but PLEASE ADD AS MUCH CONTENT AS YOU CAN.

I also understand that we recently had a troll on this wiki who was destroying some of the articles, but I got rid of them and hopefully fixed most of the articles. All I ask of everyone is to fix anything else that this troll changed, as well as continue to add more to articles that have very little content, and fix all the spelling and gramatical errors as well as all biases. 

Thank you for reading, stay pawsome everyone! :D

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LPS Potter
LPS Lucky
• 2/14/2018
I found a pic that you might like.
• 3/6/2018
Love it!!
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