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Character by TrocaireLPS
Species Wolf
Gender Female
Age Pup, approximately 8 months old
Color Blonde, Cream
Eyes Blue
Rank Royal pup, Chosen One
Status Living
Parents Mahala, mother

Etu, father

Siblings Rozene
Mate None
Pups None

Angeni is the main character in TrocaireLPS' series LPS: Bloodshed. She is a kind and brave young wolf who loves adventure. She is one of the pups of Etu and Mahala, the alphas of the pack, and the older sister of Rozene. She is one of Pallaton's best friends. Her goal is to defeat Cocheta, the alpha wolf of a pack who wants the territory.


Angeni and her sister Rozene were born in a brand new territory near the beginning of winter (end of November). She was the first wolf born of the two.