Brooke Hayes

Brooke Hayes a short haired cat with blonde fur and blue eyes, who is the antagonist from SophieGTV's series LPS: Popular. She is Savannah Reed's childhood friend from Montana. However after transferring to Orange County Day Academy, she undergoes a complete change in personality, becoming rather controlling, with her life revolving around beauty and popularity. She struggles with self-image, causing her to have anorexia nervosa and bulimia. She is now Savvy's main enemy and thinks of horrid plans to ruin her, [[Category:Chara



Personality: Cruel, selfish, greedy, rude, violent, bossy, hurtful, cold, mean, hypocritical, hateful, bitter, insane, stubborn, grumpy, aggressive, crabby, grouchy, evil, bad-mouthed, ugly-hearted, nasty
 Alignment: Good, later bad
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