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"The future can be changed..."

-The Teleporter's tagline

The Teleporter is a 22-minute long LPS movie by MyLpspetworld. It currently has 403,000 views on Youtube. 2 dogs named Freddie and Izzie decide to visit their granddad's basement, full of his inventions. But they stumble upon a teleporting device.


Izzie's granddad made inventions. He started becoming obsessed with making inventions. But one night, he decided to invent a teleporting device. Just as soon as he invented it, he felt a shot pain in his chest, causing him to have a heart attack. Later, he died, but one week later, Izzie was born.

Part One: Getting Ready

One early day, Izzie and Freddie woke up. Freddie was the first one to wake up, supposedly yelling "GOOD

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MORNING BOLTSMALL!!!!!!!" (Not sure what he said) Izzie is very grumpy, responding "Freddie, Shut. Up." Izzie wakes up a few minutes later, and they both meet each other in the kitchen. Freddie is eating some apples roughly, and Izzie is sitting in one of the kitchen chairs. Freddie annoyingly repeats Izzie's name, but he finally responds saying, "I wanted to say hi." Izzie is very grumpy, responding "You idiot.." Freddie and Izzie's dad announces that they are going to their Grandma's house, to see Granddad's inventions in the basement.

Part Two: Coming to Grandma's house

Izzie, Freddie, and their dad get ready. Later, they go in the car with Freddie excitedly saying, "I can't wait to go to grandma's!". A few minutes later, they are finally at Grandma's house. Freddie rushes to Grandma's house.

Freddie, Izzie, and dad enter grandma's house, as they talk about what they've been doing. Freddie says that he is trying to ride on a skateboard, while Izzie is practicing to play the clarinet. Dad allows them to go into the basement, full of Granddad's inventions. Freddie rushes to go into the basement, while Izzie is tiredly walking. They climb down a ladder, that leads to the basement. Izzie and Freddie search for a small disco ball for an assignment. Freddie is fooling around with the inventions, tho. They find a perfect disco ball, but its high up on the wall. They build a ladder with Granddad's inventions, but as soon as they got the disco ball, Freddie fell down and noticed a weird looking invention. It was the teleporter. Freddie and Izzie decide to click the purple button on the teleporter. Izzie says, "Woah, what is happening?". They get teleported to a disco in New York City.

Part Three: Getting Teleported to various places

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Izzie asks someone in the disco where they are. The pet responds, "You're in New York City!." Izzie is shocked, rushing back to Freddie. "WERE IN NEW YORK CITY!!" Izzie responds. Freddie responds "See, I told you this was a teleporting device!" They rushed to push the purple button, but they end up in a wet, muddy place. They keep on clicking the purple button, but they end up teleported in the abyss. Freddie doesn't realize that there's a creepy doll approaching them. Izzie repeats, "FREDDIE, PUSH THE BUTTON." Freddie responds "Why?". The doll's head falls off, and Freddie notices. He immediately clicked the purple button on the teleporter. They end up teleported in a calm, breezy park. "This looks safer." One of them says. Freddie and Izzie decide to explore the park, but as soon as they explore it, a pigeon steals the teleporter. Freddie and Izzie notice that the teleporter is gone, but a second later, they realized that a pigeon stole it. They both cried for help. Another pigeon hears them, and responds "What's the problem?" Izzie nervously responds, "ANOTHER PIGEON STOLE THE TELEPORTER AND WERE GONNA BE STUCK HERE FOREVER AND WE DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO-" The pigeon responds, "Woah, woah. Calm down.

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Whats a teleporter?". Freddie responds, "It doesn't matter, that pigeon stole that thing!". The pigeon decides to attempt and take back the teleporter, but as soon as they tried to fight, they crashed into each other, and the pigeon dies. Freddie responds, "H-He's not breathing." Izzie tears up a bit, responding "Rest in peace. I'll never forget what you have done.". Izzie walks to the other pigeon, saying "I hope you're happy.". They decide to teleport to other places, and they finally came back where they were. (Or in the basement). But they realize everything wasn't moved. "It's like we weren't here..". They realize that granddad was there, so they immediately realized that they teleported into the past. Granddad realizes Freddie and Izzie, responding "I know I'm not hearing things. Come out now." They introduce themselves. Izzie (i think) responded "You died from a heart attack. You need to get your heart checked.". They also explain that the teleporter randomly takes you to places you don't know. Granddad decided to fix it for them, adding a button to teleport where you were. They respond "Good luck." And pushed the new button.

Part Four: The end

They teleport back to Grandma's house, and they realize that Granddad is fine. He got his heart checked. They saved Granddad's life, just because of a teleporter.


Watch the movie here:[1]

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LPShannah as Destiny

myLPSpetworld as Freddie, Izzie, Grandma, Dad, Dopey, Creepy doll, Grandad, Texas accent Cow, Pigeon 1, Pigeon 2, Platypus, Cameo characters, Japanese dolls

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