LPS Mastiff è un nuovo LPSTuber con quasi 200 abbonati che elaborano scenette, film, unboxing LPS e molto altro!

Who is REALLY LPS Mastiff?

Francesca (the real name of LPS Mastiff) is an Italian girl from Rome who creates LPS Videos. She has a pug called Olivia and she loves Pingu, Alvin Seville and LPS, of course! Her birthday is 23 May.

What Mastiff did on YouTube?

Some of her videos are against the LPSTubers of her country, who they make videos with VIOLENCE and BAD ACTIONS. Those LPSTubers are bullies, so Mastiff did a video about it.

On YouTube, at the start of 2019, Mastiff created a thing who nobody did it first of her. She created the evil Jebbie Cho, who hates everybody, especially Mastiff l, her fans and Pingu's friends and family. On 25 June, Mastiff revealed at the world who Jebbie Cho made a fus fatto figuracce thing funny for her and some other people.

Her m ascotte is Tinsley Bulman, a grey Mastiff with aquafioccohe collare verde es. ff

'Recentemente Mastiff ha ricevuto odio da certi haters soprattutto per la sua opinione su Pinkfong. Mastiff ha un opinione recente su Pinkfong: lei lo odia da morire, infatti il suo secondo canale è basato contro questo personaggio e ha attualmente 13 iscritti totali. Il suo video con Pinkfong più popolare ha quasi 100 visualizzazioni.

Mastiff has good fans. Some of those they have few subs or a number of subs similar to one of Mastiff. The write positive comments, but an hate comment was a reply of comment of Mastiff on a video of Alice LPS.

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