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LPShannah (born November 5, 1997[1]) is a Swedish LPStuber, best known for her Outsiders Musical series, the Summertime series, and other various skits and videos. She has stopped making videos, but will be missed in the LPS community. We love you Hannah <3

Channel Biography

Hannah Hudson was born on November 5th, 1997 in Herrljunga, Sweden. After starting her LPS collection on Christmas 2008, she became inspired by other LPSTubers and started up her own channel on August 1st, 2010. Hannah has just recently stopped making videos on her LPS channel because of COPPA and her carreer in college, but she still posts on her second channel "Hannah's Haven"
Her LPS mascots are Destiny (a pink shorthair cat) and Billy (a turtle). She currently has over 2,000 littlest pet shops, and has her own online store for LPShannah merchandise.
She also has a second channel called Hannah's Haven, mainly for crafts, decor, fashion, and basically her lifestyle.


Hannah's website: https://www.lpshannah.com