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LPSlover was one of the very first LPSTubers and currently has over 78k subscribers and over 22 million views as of June 2021. Her real name is Kandace, and the channel was founded on August 5th 2007. Some of her oldest series include "The Haunted House", and "Spoiled Princess", the latter of which was uploaded on a channel owned by the youngest of her two younger sisters.

Her current ongoing series include: "Grave Matters", "Strange Happenings" and "Kandy TV".

In September of 2007, LPSlover began filming "My Beloved Monster", her first LPS music video.

In late 2020, Kandace married her boyfriend James and moved in with him shortly after their marriage.

As of 2021, she continues remain active in the LPStube community, giving her a tenure of over 14 years and making her one of, if not the longest tenured LPSTuber.