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LPSsplashTV is a LPSTuber who opened his YouTube account on 2016 and who has more of 60.000 subscribers on YouTube.

Who is LPSsplashTV?

LPSsplashTV is known as "The Boy LPSTuber". His real name is Taylor and his birthday is on 20 August. He has a dog and he lives istralia. atra

What videos he make?

He made so many LPS Series like: "The Boy LPSTuber" and sometimes he makes livestreams before he uploads some videos on YouTube. He make some blogs about LPSCon and there he meets some famous LPSTubers in real life. He collaborated on the Skit "Billy's New BFF" on LPSTube Day. You can find that video on LPShannah's channel. His mascotte is called George and is an iguana.

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