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Littlest Pet Shop: Totally Super is a LPS series created by ElizaLPS. The show has been running for 3 years.


The series is about a girl named Lola, who acquires super powers after getting a potion from her father's lab. She decides to use these powers to protect her city and the people in it, and becomes the super hero Miss Justice.

Shortly after the incident, Lola's father reveals to her mother that he will be going on a trip to Africa, though he sometimes appears to help Lola by teaching her of her new powers. Her mother knows about Lola's powers but dislikes when Lola uses them since her husband promised that he would never use the potion on their children.

Out of jealousy, Lola's sister Paige goes on her fathers computer to find out if she can be a super hero too, oddly DS sends her a email and a potion to transport her somewhere (still unknown). Her friends learn about her powers and are very impressed by what she can do.

Miss Justice (Lola's super hero name) is later responsible for the death of one person, a fan who in an act of kindness sacrificed himself by throwing himself at a bullet heading for her. Right before he dies, she tells him her true identity as a sort of "thank you".


Lola Clawsgrove (Miss Justice)- The main protagonist in the series. Paige's sister, James' and Mary's child.

Paige Clawsgrove- Lola's sister, James' and Mary's child.

James Clawsgrove- Lola and Paige's father, Mary's husband.

LPS used as Miss Justice

Mary Clawsgrove- Lola and Paige's mother, James' wife.

Bijou Diamant- Lola and Violet's best friend.

Violet Parris- Lola and Bijou's best friend.