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LpsAce is a Dutch LPSTuber, best known for her series Experiment 42, and her variety of music videos, including Do What You Wanna Do, her most popular music video, and her most popular video in general.

Channel Biography

LpsAce's name is Katerine, and she lives in the Netherlands.
She loves to draw, mostly dragons, and she is an avid photographer. Both are often featured on her Instagram account, where she has over 64,000 followers.
After having issues with her main channel for many years, she switched channels on June 30th, 2019, and her main channel is now LPS Ace II.
She has two other channels, one called LpsAceNL, and one called AcesPhoenix


LpsAce's website: ACEdeBest.com


  • She's planning on writing a book based off of Experiment 42.[1]


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