Lps Dingo is a small Lps tuber but has been growing over time her channel was created on December 31st 2014 when she was 8 years old and her first video was her showing her new Lps that she got for Christmas.

She is now 13 years old and does lots of different things on her channel but mainly Lps but she has a few series that take awhile but continue throughout time.

The Empty House

She made a short series with 3 episodes called The Empty House when 5 cousins move into a new house but have nothing. In the first episode the group of cousins have an empty house and a big bag full of accessories arrives in the mail they unbox and look at the accessories but then struggle with where to place them.

in the second episode they have a big big mess of stuff and they can not agree on where to place their items and we watch them struggle to make an agreement.

in the last episode they show the house tour of where they put stuff and show all of the new stuff.

it was a very short series made for fun.

Lps Dingo makes skits and some of which have included her friends. Some skits are funny and some have a serious meaning.

The Crinkle Skit

This short skit is about a teacher who goes crazy when a child in her class makes annoying sounds with wrappers and bottles. The teacher eventually goes crazy and gets very annoyed by the student and starts throwing things and going crazy. The story shows how we think teachers are annoying but half the time the students are the problem.

Other Information

she makes lots of skits and lots of other kinds of videos and she has a ton of skits and videos and also for the past few months she has started a series called Popularity.

LPS Popularity

this series takes a long time to do so she often takes a few months between episode.

Some are shorter then others but the series is about a girl who starts a new school and faces a ton of challenges. These include: Bullying, love and self thoughts. The girl makes a group of friends and it’s them vs the “popular girls” but when Tiffany meets Taylor who is supposed to be the meanest girl in the entire school its not all as it seems.

more info on the series will be added as more episodes are released.

Lps Dingo is a small Lps Tuber but is starting to grow more and will eventually grow bigger but she makes has lots of different things from lists, skits, short films, series and more and will continue to posts all kinds of different videos throughout time.

She also does other videos like gaming, dolls, vlogs, squishes, slime and lots more but mostly she enjoys lps.

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