puppylover863, commonly known as Daisy, is a well-known LPSTuber. She reached 50,000 subscribers recently and made a Q & A video for the occasion.

She is best known for her series #DareUs. The genres of her videos are usually fantasy and comedy. Her slogan is "The Place Where Littlest Pet Shops Come to Life" She is also a My Little Pony Fan.

Her mascots are Daisy (A light brown Dachsund) & Justin (A white great dane)

She has over 200+ Littlest Pet Shops. She has never shown her face or revealed her real name but has said that Daisy can be her face and as her name.

Her series are: Royal Secrets, The Big Move (which has recently ended), #DareUs and LPS Gaming

She also has Behind The Scenes where she shows what's going on well.. Behind the Scenes!

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