Savannah Reed

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Savannah Reed, also known as Savvy and sometimes Savv, is the main protagonist of Littlest Pet Shop: Popular. She previously lived in Montana, USA, but in the first episode her family announces that they're moving to the state of California, where she attends Orange County Day high school. Throughout the series, Savannah has multiple conflicts with her former friend Brooklyn Hayes for the spot of most popular girl in school, and over the most popular boy, Sage Bond. Savannah also struggles with an eating disorder and an overall bad perception of herself. Her best friends are Genevieve Ryan and Angelina Davis.

Savannah "Savvy" Reed
Species Dog
Gender Female
Age 16
Color Red, Brown, White
Eyes Green
 Personality: Funny, nice, gentle, sweet, caring, smart, brave, shy, kind
 Alignment: Good
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