'This is LPSTube' was a project undertaken by LPSHannah. It consisted of multiple LPSTubers all over the world posting short videos on what LPSTube means to them. LPSHannah then took some of these videos and edited them into an almost 8 minute video. She received over 1,300 entries for the project, with over 126 being used in the official video. The entries came from over 50 different countries.

The thumbnail for her "This is LPSTube" video


LPSHannah received some criticism, mainly from a few LPSTubers who didn't make it into the video. People claimed that she was biased and chose entries based on the amount of views and subscribers the users who uploaded it had. She denied that this was true, and it has not become a long term issue. Because of the criticism of those who were not featured in the video, she created a playlist that includes almost all of the videos.