ThyVampire, formerly known as LPSVampires1228, is a 15 year old LPSTuber from Oregon, United States of America. Her real name is Jillian and she currently has 35,000+ subscribers, and more than 3,000,000 views, her videos are quickly growing in popularity.

Her channel's mascot is named Sawyer.

Videos Edit

Jillian's most popular series include "Live To Die" and "Dares", which are currently still ongoing. Her ex-girlfriend, Danielle voice acts in Live To Die. She has many series that are no longer running, such as "Hunger Games", "Werewolves Of The Beyond", "Doctor Who: Rise Of The Cybermen", "Slender Man" and "Immortal Night".

Trivia Edit

- Although she currently lives in Oregon, USA, she is originally from the state of Utah.

- Jillian has claimed that she has a severe panic disorder, as well as depression and ADD. She also likes to dress in the "emo" style of clothes, but isn't very keen on physical labels. Though, she does call herself a quote, "emo weeb".

- Jillian is openly pansexual. She has also claimed that she is gender-fluid in the past, but she prefers the pronouns she/her.

- Jillian has dated two popular LPSTubers, TheDarkLPS (Ann) and Danielle Huytg. Currently, she is dating her boyfriend, Ferghus.