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TrocaireLPS (real name Sarah) is a LPS film maker who is most commonly known for her series, Abandoned and Bloodshed. She started LPSTube with her friend GeekyGuineaPig321 in 2011, but eventually created a solo channel called CandyWolfSarahLPS in June 2012, which has since become a vlog channel with occasional uploads. CandyWolfSarahLPS has 300+ subscribers and 13,000+ views as of 2015. On October 26, 2013, Sarah created the channel TrocaireLPS to upload series and skits onto. At this time she had received a better camera and Final Cut Pro X, officially starting her ongoing LPStube journey. As of 2015, TrocaireLPS has 500+ subscribers and 12,000+ views. Sarah also has a music video channel called TrocaireLPSMV (originally SarahHeartLPSMV) which currently has 600+ subscribers and 82,000+ views.

Personal Life Edit

Sarah was born on November 4th, 1999. She is currently a sophomore in high school. She is involved with the school color guard and drama club. Once her YouTube career started blossoming, she became very close friends with LPShaileyLPS, Fungroupproduction, and LPSPureMedia.

Series Edit

Along with her best friend GeekyGuineaPig321, Sarah created a series called LPS: Dancing Queen. They didn't think of making LPS videos after the upload, but were both shocked when the video soon rose in popularity. The first episode of DQ currently (as of 2016) has 22,000+ views. On Sarah's original account, CandyWolfSarahLPS, her first series was called LPS: Cats Only, but was soon deleted because she wanted to wait for a higher quality camera before starting a series. On November 12, 2012, she uploaded a video called "☄ LPS: Nibiru (Planet X) || SNEAK PEAK ☄" (, where she stated it would be a short series about two astronauts and the dangers Planet X held. The series has yet to be released. As of 2015, Sarah has two confirmed series: Abandoned (, Bloodshed (

LPS: Abandoned was Sarah's first recorded series. It was originally made in 2013, but was continuously deleted due to her negative opinion of the series. She permanently uploaded the first part on January 2nd, 2015 and it currently has 1,000+ views. The series is completed and ran for 9 parts. Sarah confirmed that there would be a sequel to the series sometime in the future, once she got her other series up and running.