Hey guys! I myself am an LPSTuber! As displayed by the blog title, my channel name is AKDog48! I have 143 subscribers.

When I joined YouTube on 6/12/15, I wasn’t an LPSTuber, however. I made Video Star music videos and Shopkins-related videos. In fact, my 1st ever video was a Video Star called “‘Nemo+Me VS MVC Animal Planet’ Fan Video”, and I used the song “I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas” by Gayla Peevey. I made my 1st LPS video on NYE 2016! It was the pilot of 1st LPS series, Super Princess Memories. I made my 1st LPS short film on 7/9/17. It was called No More. I made the pilot for my 2nd LPS series on 8/2/17, and it was called LPS-Popstarz. On 8/15/17, I made my 1st LPS skit: Quitting LPStube?, which was spun off by my 3rd LPS series, which was called LPS:Live On The Set, and which was made on 9/8/17. I made my 1st LPS movie, The Secret Night, on 8/26/17. And not gonna lie it’s pretty cringeworthy so I’d reccomend skipping that video. I made my 1st LPS music video(the song was “Picture This” by Kero Kero Bonito)on 10/2/17. When I hit 75 subs on 10/28/17, I made an LPS Roast Yourself. On 11/1/17, I made the pilot for my 4th LPS series, which was called LPS:Strange Addictions. This series, like The Secret Night, is very cringeworthy and not reccomended. I discontinued it on 11/2/17 after making part 3 of the supposed-to-be 4-part finale. On 11/19/17, I planned to make an LPS MEP to “Start The Party” from Camp Rock, but I eventually cancelled it since no one joined and I didn’t know how to make an MEP. On 1/16/18, I made my 5th LPS series, LPS:Kindergarten, which I cancelled after episode 1. I finally hit 100 subs on 1/19/18. On 2/5/18, I quit making Video Star music videos(with my face/me)and made my final one ever(to “Rollercoaster” by Lovey James). The series finale to LPS:Popstarz was made on 2/16/18, and I made Super Princess Memories’ series finale on 3/8/18. On 5/22/18, I made the pilot for my 6th LPS series called LPS:Summer Camp. I then eventually made the conclusion to LPS:Strange Addictions on 5/29/18 so the series could end with an actual ending. Since I honestly don’t want people from my school finding out about my channel, I decided to only post on the following occasions: spring break, summer vacation, and holiday break. What’s next for AKDog48? That’s to be determined in the future.

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