HI! My name is Sheila, and today we will be talking about Unknown LPS Tubers (I'll call them LPSer's). First one-LilyLPSTVProductions. Oh my gosh, LPS Gossip Girl, BEST SERIES EVER! Besides LPS- Popular, nothing can top that. Her series has so much drama, action, boyz!, the whole deal! Second one- LPSFireProductions. Her series, LPS- Life as a Model is a thrilling, dramatic, AWESOME series. If you like mystery, this channel is for you. Final channel- Sophiegtv. Now, I know what you're thinking. What, her channel is the most subscribed LPS Channel EVER!!! I know. I mean besides LPS- Popular. You might watch her other shows, LPS Idol, LPS The Queen, but she doesn't get much regognition for them. Sure, LPS Idol and The Queen might have bad quality, but so did the begining of LPS- Popular. Those are my reasons, agree? I hope that you guys get a feel for Unkown Channels

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